ALL's Authentic.ALL Brandnew and Pre-owned with excellent condition products.ALL sales are finalno Refund and ReturnPayment Method : Cash, Credit card, also Payment Plan with negotiation.ShiPPing Fee varies from the destination.Please contact me by;Phone no. : 0819080822SmS no. : 0819080822Line id : 0819080822 Facebook page : Leena Luxury Ig:Leena_Luxury2ALL serves for serious customers.Thank you very much for interesting in our products...Let's start shopping with the lovely products..**********BiRKiN 30 NoiR = 369999 thb net TooLbOx 20 bLaCk GhW = 229999 thb netTooLbOx 20 bLaCk ShW = 199999 thb net Rare JyPsIeRe = 199999 thb net [JyPsIeRe 28 = 149999 thb net LiNdY 30 = 14999thb netBrandNew GaRdeN ParTy 30 MusTaRd cLeMenCe = 109999 thb net GarDen ParTy 30 CuiVRe = 99999 netBrandnew Picotin = 99999 thbPicotin Blue SainT cLeMenCe = 88999 thb netMini eVeLyNe eToUpE = 89999 thb net BrandNew AzAp WaLLeT eTouPe ePsoM = 33999 thb net BrandNew aZaP WaLLeT RoSe AzaLee ePsoM = 29999 thb netRaRe : bRaNdNew Limited Reversible belt = 33999 thb netRaRe : BraNdNeW KeLLy Dog NoIR GHW siZe S = 22999 thb netRaRe : CdC cRaIe RhW = 33999 thb net cLic H bRaCeLeT = 16999 thb net PiLLoW = 16999 thb net PiLLoW 16999 thb net BN oRaN sHoE = 22999 thb netRaRe : Rouge Grenat = 26999 thb netGoLd = 26999 thb netHeRmEs SaNDaL = 16999 thb netHeRmEs SaNDaL = 16999 thb netORaN LiMiTeD = 16999 thb netSanDaL = 14999 thb netRaRe: oRaN 10999 thb net**********cHaNeL bRaNdSuPeR RaRe : BN JuMbO cHeVRoN sHw = 299999 thb netbRaNdNeW JuMbO bLaCk GhW = 199999 thb netbRaNdNeW JuMbo BeiGe GhW= 199999 thb netBrAnDNeW JuMbO ReD LiP = 229999 thb netcLaSSiC bLaCk Shw = 279999 thb netNeW cLaSSiC bLaCk 9" sHw = 279999 thb netBrAnDNeW cLaSSiC ReD LiP = 279999 thb netSuper RaRe New cOcO ChEvRoN GhW = 229999 thb net RaRe : NeW CoCo MeDiuM = 169999 thb SuPeR RaRe : NeW MiNi CoCo = 199999 thb netRare : NeW CoCo = 189999 thb net bRaNdNeW MiNi CoCo = 169999 thb net bRaNdNeW ReIsSuE NaVy= 119999 thb netSuPeR RaRe bRaNdNeW MiNi 7" cHeVRoN = 269999 thb netbRaNdNeW MiNi 7" ReD RhW =199999 thb netbRaNdNeW MiNi 7" PeaRLy BeIge = 199999 thb netbRaNdNeW Super RaRe MiNi 7" ReD ShW =119999 thb netbRaNdNeW cLuTcH MaRooN = 79999 thb netSuPeR RaRe : bRaNdNeW TiMeLeSs cLuTcH = 89999 thb netRaRe : cHeVRoN WoC = 99999 thb net WoC bLaCk Ghw = 89999 thb netbRaNdNeW CosMeTic Red CaViaR Bag 44999 thb net bRaNdNeW TiMeLeSs Cc ziPPy WaLLeT = 29999 thb netbRaNdNeW Bi-FoLd FuShIa WaLLeT = 22999 thb netbRaNdNeW ReD LiP CaMeLLiA WaLLeT = 22999 thb netbRaNdNeW CoIn PuRsE PeaRLy iVoRy = 16999 thb netbRaNdNeW EaRRiNg = 26999 thb netbRaNdNeW EaRRiNg = 19999 thb net**********Pre-OwNeD with the ExCeLLeNT conditionSuPeR RaRe : MaXi FuShIa = 119999 thb netMaXi bLaCk cAvIaR shw =149999 thb netSuPeR RaRe Bn JuMbO ReD LiP = 229999thb netRaRe : JuMbO ReD BuRGuNdY GhW = 199999 thb netSuPeR RaRe : LiMiTeD JuMbO RhW= 169999 thb netRaRe : JuMbO FuShIa = 149999 thb netcLaSsIc 9" bLacK = 269999 thb netCoCo bLacK 10.5 gHw = 199999 thb netRaRe : CoCo MiNi LiZaRd oLiVeR = 149999 thb netRaRe : ReIsSue MeTaLLiC GoLd = 149999 thb netMiNi 8" NaVy bLuE = 229999 thb netRaRe MiNi 8" Red BuRgUnDy = 249999 thb netMiNi 8" ReD LiP = 229999 thb netMiNi 8" BeIgE gHw = 149999 thb netMini 7" bLaCk sellier sHw = 199999 thb netMiNi7" bAbY PiNk = 119999 thb netMiNi 7" FuShIa = 69999 thb netGsT ReD LiP sHw = 89999 thb netGsT NaVy sHw = 89999 thb net pTT bLacK gHw = 109999 thb netPsT ReD LiP = 99999 thb netPsT ReD BuRGuNdY = 99999 thb netSuPeR LiKe NeW PsT BeIgE gHw = 89999 thb net cLuTcH ReD LiP = 99999 thb netWoC HaLfMoOn ReD = 59999 thb net
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Paul sMiTh beLt thank you very much K.Suwannee109. cHaNeL DuSt bAg thank you very much K. Tunyakarn110. pRaDa MiNi bOx thank you very much Dr. Keskamol111. pRaDa MiNi WaLLeT thank you very much Dr.Keskamol112. Lv TreVi Pm thank you very much K.Rapa113. ChaNeL Tri-FoLd WaLLeT thank you K.Prapim114. New Lv eVa cLuTch thank you very much K. Palavee115. cHaNeL hALfMooN thank you very much K.Prapada116. cHaNeL bOx thank you very much K.Mar117. GuCCi TwIrL cOLLeCTiOn WaTcH thank you K.Pim118. Lv aLmA bB thank you very much K.Rati119. cHaNeL pST ReD LiP thank you very much K.DeaR120. NeW HeRmEs BeLt thank you very much K.Krit121. New HeRmEs bRaCeLeT thank you very much K.Ploy122. cHaNeL PsT Red LipsTicK thank you very much K.FoN123. NeW cHaNeL jUmBo bLaCk cAvIaR thank you very much K.Phone124. New Lv aLmA dAmIeR bB thank you K.Cattie125. ChaNeL sHoE bOx thank you K.Silvaporn126. New cHaNeL MiNi sQuaRe 7" NaVy thank you K.Cattie127. New Lv NvF pM thank you very much K.Teww128. 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Lv NvF mM thank you K.TaN170. Lv sPeeDy BanDeLieR 25 thank you K.Poyy171. cHaNeL MiNi bLaCk 7" thank you K. cHuNg172. bRaNdNeW BaLeNcIaGa MiNi CiTy thank you K.RattanaPorN173. DisConTiNous cHaNeL Ptt thank you K. Hataichanan174. cHaNeL MiNi 7" thank you K.Ya175. cHaNeL MiNi cHaIn AroUnd bAbY bLuE thank you K.Ya176. DisConTiNuous Chanel pTT thank you K.aiR177. BrandNeW cHaNeL cOcO LiZarD Red BuRGunDy 9.5" thank you K.SomBoon178. GuCCi SunGLaSs thank you K.Ake179. ChaNeL DuSTBag thank you K.A180. HeRmEs PiCoTiN 18 bLuE aGaTe thank you K.Nok181. PrAdA MiNi 20" SaFFiaNo thank you K.NumFon182. ChaNeL WoC CheVRoN thank you K.Pitchaya183. HeRMeS MiNi eVeLyNe thank you K.PooPay184. bALeNcIaGa DuStbaG thank you K.Phan185. bRaNdNeW cHaneL JuMBo ReD thank you Dr.Fah186. bRaNdNeW cHaNeL WaLLeT on ChaIn thank you K. Numfon187. cHaNeL MiNi ReD LiP thank you K.ChaLynn188. Lv NvF DaMieR mM thank you K.ChaNon189. 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